Zion Square Renovation to Commence in Coming Weeks

The renovation of Zion Square in Downtown Jerusalem will commence in the coming weeks, according to Ofir Lang of the Lev HaIr Community Council. The competition-winning redesign was conceived by the architectural trio of Maya Atidia, Maayan Tokkie-Carmel, and Tamir Manzur-Carmel.

Once the site of demonstrations and protests, the new square will be dedicated to connections, tolerance, and mutual respect. The change is being made, in part, as a way of commemorating Shira Banki, who was murdered during the 2015 Jerusalem Pride Parade.

The plan, referred to as Urban Forest Clearing, calls for the addition of seating and lighting, as well as the diversion of automobile traffic away from the plaza. Trees will be planted to provide the area with some much-needed shade.

The last major renovation to the square took place in 1983, when it, along with the rest of Ben Yehuda Street, was converted into a pedestrian promenade. A proposal in 2006 to install a canopy designed by Ron Arad was ultimately nixed.

(Header Image by Yigal Tartakovsky)


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