Ze’ev Elkin Comes Out Against the Emek Refaim Light Rail

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and mayoral candidate Ze’ev Elkin came out against the Emek Refaim light rail at a public transportation panel last night.

Elkin stated that he would instead support diverting the line through a tunnel below Park HaMesila, which runs parallel to Emek Refaim. He went on to say that, if elected, he would assemble a committee to look into the matter further.

His position veers from that of incumbent Mayor Nir Barkat, the Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee, and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz, who approved of the plan earlier this year.

The panel was held at the Ginot Hair Community Center in the German Colony and was intended to serve as a forum for all public transportation matters. Instead, it mostly attracted unruly protesters of the light rail.

Also present on the panel were two other contenders in the race for mayor of Jerusalem, Ofer Berkovitch and Yossi Deutsch.

Berkovitch proclaimed his support for the Emek Refaim light rail amid interruptions from the raucous crowd. Deutsch took a more guarded approach by not committing to any plan while also stating that the project would need a “father” to watch over the daily progress.

The light rail has become a key issue for voters, who will head to the polls on October 30th.

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