Look Up! A Guide to the Independence Day Air Show in Jerusalem

The finest of Israel’s aerial fleets will take to the skies this Thursday as part of the annual Independence Day Air Show. In honor of the country’s 70th anniversary, the presentation will be particularly grand, with a cooperative effort from Greece, Poland, Canada, Austria, Italy, and the UK, in addition to the fire brigade, Israel Police, and Arkia and El Al airlines.

Head out to Sacher Park for the best views and refer to our schedule below for the complete list of the planes to keep an eye out for.

11:31 am – Yas’ur (Sikorsky CH-53)

11:32 am – Yanshuf (Black Hawk)

11:33 am – Peten (Apache)

11:59 am – Tzofit (Beechcraft King Air B200CT)

12:13 pm – Sufa (F-16I)

12:15 pm – Adir (F-35I)

12:16 pm – Barak (F-16 C/D)


12:18 pm – Lavi (M-346)

12:37 pm – Nachshon (Gulfstream G200)

12:38 pm – Shimshon (Super Hercules C-130J)

2:04 pm – Aerobatics Team (Beechcraft T6-A)


  1. What time will show be visible over Sacher Park?

    1. The times are listed in the post. The first planes will be visible at 11:31 am.

  2. What is the flight path – south to north; north to south – and what would be the best vantage points for those of us who wont be able to get to Sacher Park?

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