Urban Outfitters to Open in Jerusalem

Urban Outfitters, the bohemian fashion chain from the United States, is coming to Jerusalem. Set to open in May, the first store will be located in the Mamilla Mall in Downtown Jerusalem.

Founded in 1970, Urban Outfitters has over 400 stores in more than a dozen countries. The brand is known for its kitschy and often irreverent clothing, accessories, jewelry, and housewares. The sale of vinyl records and cassettes makes the store particularly popular within hipster culture.

The opening is the culmination of years of negotiation and promises by Fox-Wizel Ltd., which signed a 10-year, 40-million shekel agreement with Urban Outfitters, Inc. Also included in the agreement are the franchise rights to Anthropologie and Free People, although it remains to be seen where and when those brands will begin opening in Israel.

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