Tzomet Pat to Undergo Major Roadworks, Making Way for the Light Rail

Pat Junction (Tzomet Pat) serves as an important artery for traffic into and out of the city due to its proximity to the Begin Expressway, Katamon, and Beit Safafa. As part of the urban renewal program for the Pat neighborhood, as well as in preparation for the addition of the green line of the light rail, the Municipality plans on making significant changes to the area.

Over the course of four years, a tunnel will be bored beneath Golomb street, rerouting automobile traffic below grade and ensuring the unhindered movement of the future light rail above. Also planned is a promenade that will serve as a lookout point for the Gazelle Valley.

The project will be carried out in four phases. The first phase is expected to last for a full year and will include a complete infrastructure upgrade around the junction as well as the widening of the road to accommodate traffic during the next phase.

During the second phase, which will be carried out over ten months, the tunneling and the adjustment of the pitch of the road will begin. It will be completed in the third phase, which is expected to last nine months. In the final phase of the project, footpaths, a bike lane, and other architectural elements will be added to the area making it more pedestrian friendly and aesthetically pleasing. In all, construction will last for four years.

The redevelopment of Tzomet Pat does not include the laying of track for the light rail, but it will provide the necessary foundation to support it in the future.

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