Election 2018: Mayoral Campaign Front Runner Arrested on Charges of Corruption

Vice Mayor Meir Turjeman was the senior municipality official arrested earlier today (Monday). Turgeman has been accused of receiving benefits in exchange for promoting the interests of others. Turjeman is the head of the Planning and Building Committee and is a member of Mayor Nir Barkat’s Yerushalayim Tatzliach party.

Turjeman is suspected of taking illegal steps in the matter of the Central Post Office on Jaffa Street. The historical building was recently slated to become a hotel.  In addition, he is being investigated for events related to the Artemisia Event Hall in Talpiyot.  Members from Lahav 443 raided Turjeman’s office today and seized a number of documents.

As we wrote last week, Turjeman had been suspected of corruption in the past though nothing had come of the accusations. He had also previously refused to make public a conflict of interest agreement that he had signed.

While Turjeman is somewhat unknown amongst Anglos in Jerusalem he is a major force in Jerusalem politics. His career stretches back to 1998 and he maintains a large base of loyalists. He is also an active member of the Likud Central Committee. Turjeman was considered a front-runner in the upcoming elections, but it is likely that his candidacy will struggle in the face of the investigation.

He may be most remembered for being kicked out of a council meeting by Nir Barkat during Barkat’s first candidacy. Barkat summoned the police to remove Turjeman from the building.

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