Traffic Delays Expected at City Entrance as Underground Tunneling Reaches Surface

For the past two years, workers have been digging a massive underground tunnel network at the entrance to the city. The effort has remained mostly invisible and unobtrusive, but in the coming weeks, all of that will change.

As part of the transfer of the subterranean work above ground, commuters can expect significant traffic changes. For a full week, the street running from Binyanei HaUma to Downtown Jerusalem will be closed and the side streets that bypass the construction will be widened.

By 2019, however, the area from the Chords Bridge to Ben Tzvi Street will be permanently closed to private vehicles.  If all goes according to plan, a new underground roadway will open by 2022 and cars will once again be allowed to use the road, albeit below ground.

This massive infrastructural change is part of the largest urban renewal plan in Jerusalem’s history. Within a decade, a new business district will take shape, adding 1.6 million square meters of new space for offices, businesses, hotels, and more to the area.

Update from the Municipality:

  • On Saturday, March 3, 2018, Shazar Boulevard will be closed from the Nordau junction to the Shmuel Baruch junction (Agripas). The work will continue throughout the day and night.
  • On Saturday, March 3, 2018 – upon completion of the excavation work at intersections, the road will be opened and the work in the area will continue for another week, during which traffic disturbances may occur.
  • Public transportation and the light rail will function as ordered.
  • Departing from the city: drive through Ruppin Boulevard, Herzl Boulevard, Yitzhak Rabin Boulevard and exit through Begin Road.
  • For those entering the city, please come from: Route 443, the Arazim Tunnel, Begin Road and Yitzhak Rabin Boulevard.

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