Tchernichovsky Street to Receive Next Set of High Rises

Yediot Yerushalayim reports that the Local Planning and Building Committee approved plans to build three high rises on the corner of Tchernichovsky and Dov Kimchi Streets. The buildings will be eighteen, ten and nine floors respectively and will replace the current four-story building that sits on the property. The new buildings will have 136 apartments in place of the 42 apartments there currently. The bottom level of the high rises will consist of space for businesses.

The Committee decided that 20% of the apartments should be no larger than 75 square meters (around two bedrooms) in order to create more affordable apartments in the city.

High rises have become the go-to strategy for Jerusalem to quickly increase the number of apartments available in the city. However, critics suggest that the buildings present a number of challenges such as high upkeep costs altering light and air flow in neighborhoods, and even creating opportunities to spread disease.

(Header photo by Zeevveez)

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  1. The “critics” article is self-contradictory dishonest.

    It talks about an absence of community, then it says how many of the older residents use networks of family and friends to get around.

    It says that having many people press an elevator button can increase disease, but that is equally true of the pole on a bus, or the door of a school or workplace. There is nothing special about high rise buildings here.

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