Supermarket Chain Yochananof Coming to Jerusalem

The Israeli supermarket chain Yochananof will be opening its first store in Jerusalem in the coming months. Situated in Talpiot, the store will compete directly with Rami Levy and Osher Ad — the two dominant discount supermarkets in the area.

Being constructed on HaUman Street, the 6,500 square meter location will be one of the largest of the company, which was holding off on entering the Jerusalem marketplace until it found an adequate location. Once completed, the supermarket will employ nearly 350 people and will offer a wide range of departments, including prepared foods.

The Jerusalem discount supermarket scene is a highly competitive one. Several years ago, when Osher Ad set up shop in the city, employees of Rami Levy were accused of attempting to sabotage the new entrant by breaking shopping carts and sending spies to scout the new competition. It is likely that the opening of Yochananof will spark a new battle in the supermarket war.

Yochananof is a family-run, privately-held chain that was founded in 1992. The company currently operates 23 branches around the country.

(Header Photo by Nir Vadel)

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