Super HaMoshava on Emek Refaim to Undergo Expansion

Super HaMoshava on Emek Refaim Street has just closed a deal to expand the neighborhood grocery store by 300 square meters. The market is known for its wide selection of American products, which appeal to the large Anglo community in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The addition will include a bakery, a cafe, and a larger wine selection, as well as a greater selection of products overall. The current floorplan, which forces customers to jam into cramped aisles, will be a much roomier 500 square meters once the renovation is completed. The increase in space is possible thanks to the recent demolition of the community pool, which is being replaced by a smaller pool and a luxury housing complex.

Super HaMoshava opened for business in 1986 as a 40 square meter convenience store (Makolet) and has been expanding with the needs of the community ever since. The latest expansion comes with a 25-year renewal of the property lease.

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