Sullied Mayoral Candidate Tries to Reignite Campaign

Vice Mayor Meir Turjeman is reportedly considering submitting a request to the courts to cancel the conditions of his house arrest. If the request is accepted he would once again be allowed to interact with Jerusalem’s municipality allowing him to restart his campaign for the highest seat in Jerusalem.

Turjeman, who is being investigated on charges of bribery, money laundering, acting in bad faith and tax fraud, was ordered by a court to not have any contact with people involved in his case or anyone involved with the municipality for 45 days (beginning on March 19th). He may also not leave the country for 90 days.

Recently, Turjeman was out testing the political waters at a Mimouna in Ramot. At the event were several municipal figures including mayoral candidate Moshe Lion. It is unclear whether that appearance was legal.

While Turjeman is somewhat unknown amongst Anglos in Jerusalem he is a major force in Jerusalem politics. His career stretches back to 1998 and he maintains a large base of loyalists. He is also an active member of the Likud Central Committee. Turjeman was considered a front-runner in the upcoming elections, but it is likely that his candidacy will struggle in the face of the investigation.

He may be most remembered for being kicked out of a council meeting by Nir Barkat during Barkat’s first candidacy. Barkat summoned the police to remove Turjeman from the building.

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