Shuk Bathrooms to be Cleaner, Open Longer

Anyone who has been to the bathrooms at Mahane Yehuda Market understands that they are sacrificing sanitation for sanity. Those who need to use those same bathrooms late at night during an evening of drinking are often encountered with a locked door and an impending sense of doom. It is for this reason, in an important step for bladders everywhere, Yediot Yerushalayim is reporting that the city is hiring a contractor to clean the toilets more frequently. The toilets will also now be open until 3 AM.

As Mahane Yehuda has evolved from a outdoor produce shop to a restaurant and bar experience, the city has attempted to improve its infrastructure. Recently, the roofs above the market underwent an upgrade at the cost of 15 million NIS.

The renovations within the market have also led to a steep increase in the cost of real estate there. Recently, a nine square meter stand in the shuk sold for 225 million NIS. A 12 square meter stand went for 2.8 million NIS and is being rented for 18,000 NIS per month. To compare, in 2010, a 20 square meter stand went for somewhere between 650,000 and 800,000 NIS.

As the costs of Jerusalem real estate continue to rise, the municipality will have to find a way to improve the city’s services while maintaining affordable housing for the young people who drive its economy. In the meantime, at least they’ll have a place to go to the bathroom.

(Header Photo by Djampa)

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