re:Jerusalem Cultural Guide for March 18-24

Jerusalem: The scent of flowers fills the air as Passover approaches, and the supermarkets start lining their shelves with matzah. The time before the holiday can be stressful, but don’t let pre-Passover cleaning get you down – enjoy the best that Jerusalem has to offer, with these exciting events taking place throughout the city.

Sunday, March 18

Armenian Women, 7 pm at the Nature Museum:

This event highlights the role the Armenian women have played in the history of Israel’s Armenian community, with the participation of prominent women from the Armenian community.

Monday, March 19:

Celestial City, 8 pm at the Jerusalem Theater:

Mikro Theater’s original production brings together the sounds, sights and stories of Jerusalem.

Tuesday, March 20

Paint Party, 7:15 pm at Mike’s Place:

Whether you enjoy painting while drunk or while sober, this party promises to be a great opportunity to hang out with friends while honing your artistic talents.

Fuckup Nights Jerusalem Vol 19, 7:30 pm at the Koresh Hotel:

Come hear successful figures in a variety of fields speak about their failures, and how they learned from their mistakes.

Poetic Tuition with Shlomo Sher, 7:30 pm at Emek Refaim 43a:

This free poetry workshop -in English -courtesy of Jerusalemism and Poetry Place, is a great opportunity for aspiring writers.

Brain and Beer, 8 pm at Abraham Hostel:

This event brings together neuroscience experts to discuss their latest discoveries, over a pint of beer.

Frank Van de Ven, 9 pm at Barbury Gallery:

If you’re craving some European dance, come see dutch dancer Frank Van de Ven perform at Barbur Gallery.

Wednesday, March 21

Story Teller, 9 pm at Hamiflezet:

The theme of the evening will be stories involving difficult choices.

Hila Ruach, 9:30 pm at Hamazkeka:

Talented Israeli rock singer Hila Ruach comes to Jerusalem for a pre-album launch concert.

Who Knows One? 7 pm at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art:

This lecture will discuss illustrations of women in Haggadahs from the Middle Ages. The event is open to the public free of charge.

Thursday, March 22

Liron Amram and the Panthers, 9 pm at the Yellow Submarine:

His single “Ancient Dream” was voted one of Galgalatz’s top songs of the year; now you can hear him live at the renowned music venue, the Yellow Submarine.

Japanese Design Night, 6:45 pm at Hansen House:

The evening features two lectures: one on pottery, and one on flower arrangements.

To Know a Forest, 8 pm at Studio Mishelach:

The opening of Batya Rozenak’s solo exhibit includes a discussion with the artist.

I Look After, 9 pm at Hazira Performing Arts Arena:

This event is a one-woman performance by avant-garde artist Nava Frenkel.

Back to School Party, 9 pm at Hataklit:

Celebrate the beginning of Hebrew U’s spring semester with this wild party, open to the public free of charge.

Board Games Marathon, 9:30 pm at Hamifletzet:

If you love board games, this is the place to be: The games start at 9:30 at night and continues until the last player standing.

Red and the Baldies,  10 pm at Mike’s Place:

Come hear this Jerusalem-grown band play a wide range of music, encompassing both hardcore rock and 80s pop music.

Brahms, Ein Deutsches Requiem, 8 pm at the Jerusalem Theater:

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performs this breath-taking piece of classical music.

Friday, March 23

Tour of the Armenian Quarter, 9 am at Jaffa Gate:

This walking tour will showcase places important to Jerusalem’s Armenian community.

Re-Usalem, 10 am at the Clal Building:

This event includes a “take-and-fix-it” market, stations where people will help you fix broken objects, kids’ activities, and lectures on sustainable living.

Courage/Creative Mornings Jerusalem, 10 am at Hansen House:

This talk about courage is part of a series of “Creative Mornings” which bring a wide array of “creators” from different fields to speak about different challenges related to arts, innovation, and technology.

Saturday, March 24

Pre-Passover Party, 9:30 pm at Gola at First Station:

Come to help Gola finish their supply of whiskey and beer while dancing to set cultivated by guest DJ Yehuda Edelstein.

Tomer Yeshayahu, 10 pm at the Yellow Submarine:

This musician, with a unique sound and vision, will be giving a concert with his band at the Yellow Submarine.


Bicycle Exhibit, throughout the month at the Bloomfield Science Museum, Times Vary:

This exhibit celebrates the 200th anniversary of the bicycle.

(Header Photo by Moshe Milner Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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