re:Jerusalem Cultural Guide for March 11-17

Wondering what’s going on in Jerusalem this week? Have no fear: re:Jerusalem is here to give you an overview of some of the hottest events in the city.

Sunday, March 11

Lion and Pussycat, 8 pm at the Beita Gallery:

This exhibit opening features a “catty” performance, in keeping with the exhibit’s theme – the tension between Jerusalem as a seat of royal power, symbolized by lions, and Jerusalem as a city of run-down glory, symbolized by stray cats.

Voices Re-Choired, 8 pm at Mishkenot Sha’ananim:

This joint concert between the Jerusalem Octapella and Kolture Shock acapella groups promises to be great fun.

Monday, March 12

Student Film Screening, 7:30 pm at the Cinematheque:

This screening will show debut works by film students who chose to leave Haredi society.

Sharkiya, 8:30 pm at Zedekiah’s Cave:

This event features an oud ensemble, alongside electric guitarist Eran Zamir, performing music created by award-winning composer Zohar Sharon, alongside projections of images by artist Oren Gabai, in what promises to be a spectacular extravaganza.

The Djamchid Sisters, 9:30 pm at Hamazkeka:

This special concert invites the sisterly duo to perform with special guests, Oded Shechter and Shahar Gutman.

Tuesday, March 13

Panel in Honor of International Women’s Day, 5:30 pm at Museum on the Seam:

This panel features women active in the Jerusalem and Israeli art scenes, including Merav Maor, CEO of Museum on the Seam, and Zippi Mizrachi, head of Studio Mishelach, a studio for Orthodox women artists.

2 + 2: A Social-Literary Gathering, 8 pm at Hamiffal:

This evening of  English-language poetry and prose readings by local writers provides a unique opportunity to combine socializing with high-quality literature.

The Work of the Cohen, 8:30 pm at Beit Mazya:

This musical theater piece by the Incubator Theater is both a performance about and a tribute to the legendary Leonard Cohen.

Silk Glove Operation, 7 pm at the Israel Museum:

This interactive play by the Ensemble Can explores the intersection between sanctity, art, and collective memory in a work that examines the Holocaust through the lens of the museum.

Wednesday, March 14th

Armenian Fashion, 7 pm at the Nature Museum:

This lecture on Armenian fashion, with a focus on the craft of Armenian embroidery, is part of a series on Armenian culture at the Nature Museum.

Miri Messika, 10 pm at Zappa:

One of Israel’s most famous pop musicians performs in Jerusalem.

Thursday, March 15

Mira Awad, 10:00 pm at the Yellow Submarine:

Come see famed Israeli-Arab singer Mira Awad in a special performance featuring the Yellow Submarine’s jazz ensemble, headed by pianist Tomer Bar.

Nuriel and Lazer Lloyd, 8 pm at Gola at First Station:

If you’re craving some good old American folk and rock music, this concert is the place to go to.

Bob Dylan in the Holy Land, 9 pm at Beit Avichai:

This musical-literary journey, inspired by Bob Dylan, gives an Israeli spin to the works of this Nobel Prize winner whose music has touched the lives of people around the world.

Friday, March 16

Minination, 10:30 am at the Cinematheque:

This event features a series of lectures by professional animators about their craft and the animation industry.

Sound Tour of Musrara, 10:30 am at Kikar Safra:

This tour, hosted by Beita Gallery, is a unique way to experience a neighborhood of Jerusalem brimming with history.

Saturday, March 17

Yoni Rechter, 10 pm at Zappa:

Come hear this legendary Israeli musician, whose works continue to impact Israeli pop culture.


Sounds of the Old City Festival, 8 pm to 11 pm, March 12-15, in the Old City:

This free music festival features famous Israeli musicians, such as Ehud Banai, Dudu Tassa, and Berry Sakhorof, as well as up-and-coming performers.

The Jerusalem Arts Festival, varying times and locations, March 11-12:

Catch the last two days of this festival, which features a wide array of events in the performing and visual arts.

French Film Festival, varying times and dates, March 14-29 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque:

You don’t have to go to Paris to see high-quality French cinema, thanks to this festival by the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

Mishkan, varying times, March 11-April 7 at the Artists’ House:

This solo exhibit of works by photographer Noa Brezner focuses on the different spaces that are used to display art.


(Header Photo by Moshe Milner Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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