re:Jerusalem Cultural Guide for March 4-10

Sunday: The new week rolls around, and you’re finally ready to face the world after sleeping off that Purim hangover. But what should you do with the week ahead? Never fear: re:Jerusalem is here to guide the way, with our weekly guide to arts and culture events around the city.

Sunday, March 4:

Wine vs. Beer: An Event for French and Anglo Olim, 8 pm, Beer Bazaar and Corky Wine Bar:

This fun-spirited event, hosted by Hitorerut, brings olim from these two communities together for a drinking contest between beer and wine.

Screening of “Foxtrot”, 8 pm, at Beit Avichai:

The screening of this controversial film, which won a prestigious Ophir Award, will be followed by a lecture on cinema and Israeli society.

Monday, March 5:

“I Am Zion, Hear Me Roar”, 7:30 pm, Pico:

This event explores the connection between feminism and Zionism, and honors the contribution of women to Israeli history, with a focus on working mothers.

Cracks in Power, 8:00 pm, at Artcube Artists’ Studios:

This discussion focuses on political art, and poses a very important question: Does art have the power to change reality?

Tuesday, March 6:

Gola Slam: Jerusalem Spoken Word, 8 pm at the Gola Cultural Terminal at First Station:

This poetry slam invites Jerusalemites to step on to the stage, to share their feelings -and their rhymes -about Women’s Day.

Getting Lost, 7:30 pm at Beit Alliance:

This event urges audience members to “get lost” in the house, as they wander from room to room, peaking at the different theatrical performances taking place within.

Free Screening of Avanti Populo, 8 pm at the Cinematheque:

This screening presents one of the classic movies of Israeli cinema.

Golda: The Last Contestant”, 8:30 pm at the Khan Theater:

This one-woman show imagines Golda Meir as the last contestant on Big Brother.

Ben Shamayim Laaretz,7:30 pm at Hazira Studios:

This all-male Orthodox dance group creates contemporary works inspired by Jewish texts.

Wednesday, March 7:

Women and Femininity in the Museum, 12:00 pm at the Israel Museum:

This curator’s talk focuses on the role of women in art and exhibits.

Thursday, March 8:

Body, Dance, Place, 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at Hamiffal:

This performance by up-and-coming dancers and choreographers is open to the public free of charge.

Sipurim Bimono, 8:30 pm at Beit Avichai:

This event features Yoav Kutner in concert and conversation with local musicians.

Friday, March 9:

Jerusalem 4 All, Liberty Bell Garden, 1:00 pm:

Map-making is an ancient form of art -and an interactive activity, with this event that invites Jerusalemites of all stripes to help create a map of their Jerusalem.

Saturday, March 10:

Board Games Night, 8 pm at Halitatea:

What could be better than drinking tea, playing board games, and meeting new people? Games on offer include Settlers of Catan, Codenames, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic.

Diwan Al-Banat and Lakoum, 10 pm at the Yellow Submarine:

With two bands that bring their own distinctly modern twists to classic Middle Eastern music, this concert is a great opportunity to get your groove on.


The Jerusalem Arts Festival, varying times and locations

This event, sponsored by the Jerusalem Municipality, includes a wide array of dance, music, and theater performances that showcase Jerusalem’s performing arts scene.

Pippin, varying times at Machol Shalem Dance House:

This famed musical comes to Jerusalem for the first time, in a production by the Starcatchers theater group.

Latent Image, varying times at Agrippas 12:

This solo exhibit of works by artist Rita Mendes-Flor focuses on images of the Kombucha mushroom, believed to have healing powers.


(Header Photo by Moshe Milner Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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