Rami Levy Investigated as Part of Turjeman Case

Supermarket mogul and member of Mayor Nir Barkat’s party Rami Levy has been questioned by police as part of the Meir Turjeman corruption case.  Police suspect that Levy gave Turjeman 10,000 shekels in order to promote Levy’s business interests in the city. He did so despite the fact that the two signed a conflict of interest agreement to avoid one another’s business dealings.

According to Turjeman’s lawyer, Turjeman wanted to donate 10,000 NIS to the poor for Rosh Hashana through a synagogue in Har Homa. The synagogue was to purchase the food stamps from Levy’s company with the donation from Turjeman. However, the synagogue’s treasurer was overseas so Levy gave the food stamps in exchange for a 10,000 NIS check from Turjeman that would be returned when the synagogue paid. The check was accidentally deposited, however, so Levy was merely returning the 10,000 NIS to Turjeman.

Levy has been previously arrested on suspicion of inappropriate business relations with Mevasseret Mayor Yoram Shimon, but police dropped the case.

Mayoral candidate Turjeman was arrested last week on suspicion of corruption. Police have discussed two of the specific cases they are looking into but have said that there are more.

Both Turjeman and Levy are in Mayor Nir Barkat’s party. It is unclear at this time what effect the investigations will have on Barkat’s decision to run for a third term.

(Header Photo By כ.אלון)

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