Two Jerusalem Neighborhoods Among Yad2’s Most Searched in Israel

According to Yad2, real estate in Pisgat Ze’ev and Gilo is far more precious than you may have thought. The popular classifieds site, which lists over 135,000 apartments, reviewed its 2017 listings and search data to determine the most sought-after neighborhoods in the country. Pisgat Ze’ev was the second most searched neighborhood and Gilo was the fourth most searched. Ramot in Be’er Sheva came in first, Kiryat HaSharon in Netanya in third place and Neve Sheanan in Haifa was the fifth most popular.

Despite two Jerusalem neighborhoods ranking in the top five, Jerusalem as a whole only placed fourth with 3.9 million searches. Israel’s capital placed behind Haifa, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and Rishon LeTziyon.

The novelty of Yad2’s method (besides promoting the site itself) is that it reveals the neighborhoods popular among people who use websites to find real estate as opposed to more costly alternatives. Thus, it reveals a middle-class map of in-demand, yet affordable neighborhoods.

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