Election 2018: Moshe Lion Announces Jerusalem Mayorship Bid

Following Nir Barkat’s official statement that he will not seek reelection in 2018, Moshe Lion announced his intention to run for mayor of Jerusalem.

Lion stated: “Five years ago, I decided to put my previous life aside and turn my efforts, abilities, and talents towards the betterment of Jerusalem. I invested everything I had for the benefit of the city as a member of the city council, deepening my involvement in its management. For the past few years, I worked alongside Nir Barkat to move the city forward and I am thankful to him for this period of shared achievement. Today, I am more ready than ever to advance the capital of Israel even further.”

This will be Lion’s second time running for mayor. In 2013, he challenged incumbent Nir Barkat and garnered 45% of the vote to Barkat’s 52%. He currently serves as a member of the city council and holds the community management portfolio. He will hold an official press conference on Tuesday.

(Header Photo By ​Yoav Dudkevitch)

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