Famous Montefiore Windmill to Receive New Attractions

According to a report from Yediot Yerushalayim, the Jerusalem Fund will be building attractions around the Montefiore Windmill. As part of the upgrades (though some may argue with that descriptor), the area around the windmill will now include an outdoor escape room, a cafe, a wine store that will host tastings, Segway tours, theatrical tours and, of course, a gift shop. In addition, there will be seasonal events there targeted at attracting Jerusalemites, Israelis, and tourists from abroad.

The windmill, which sits in Yemin Moshe was built in 1857. It was intended to strengthen the settlement of Jews outside the walls of the old city but closed after just 18 years. While some people think that the mill was not utilized because there was not enough wind, it was most likely because replacement parts were expensive. It was finally phased out with the construction of steam-powered mills.

In 2012, the windmill underwent a renovation that allowed its blades to turn with the wind again.

(Photo courtesy of Ralf Roletschek. Visit his website!)

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