Mobileye’s Autonomous Driving Fleet Takes to the Streets of Jerusalem

A fleet of 100 autonomous Ford Fusion vehicles has begun operating in Jerusalem, according to Mobileye co-founder, CEO, and CTO Amnon Shashua. The rollout in Jerusalem precedes a wider rollout in the United States and other regions in the coming months.

In an editorial published on Intel’s website last week, Shashua proclaimed that there is no better location to prove the power of Mobileye’s automated fleet than Jerusalem, due to its complicated streets and aggressive driving conditions. The company is also based in Jerusalem, which makes it easier to refine the artificial intelligence’s driving policy as it goes.

The Mobileye fleet is governed by the company’s proprietary Responsibility-Sensitive Safety mechanism, which converts safe, yet assertive driving habits into a set of mathematical formulas that a computer can understand.

The result is a vehicle that can drive more smoothly, less expensively, and one thousand times more safely than a human. This is achieved through the use of 12 cameras, which create a 360-degree view of a vehicle’s surroundings. Future iterations will add radar and LIDAR to mix, increasing safety through redundancy.

Mobileye was acquired by Intel in a $15.3B buyout last year. The purchase price was the highest ever for an Israeli high-tech company and has accelerated the growth of the autonomous platform. Since the acquisition, Mobileye announced the construction of a new campus and has been hiring hundreds of employees.

The company expects to deploy Level 4 (driver’s attention optional) and Level 5 (steering wheel optional) vehicles by 2021. There is still no word on whether incessant honking will be a built-in feature in the future.

(Header Photo Courtesy Intel/Mobileye)

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