Mahane Yehuda Roof Upgrades to be Inaugurated Today

Upgrades to the roof of the closed section of Shuk Mahane Yehuda will be inaugurated today after four years of construction and a 15 million shekel investment. The new roof will fix chronic leaks, provide improved lighting, and keep the area cooler in the summer. The change is expected to help attract more tourists and residents to the area.

The project was a joint venture between the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Ministry of Tourism. It was spearheaded by mayoral candidate Moshe Lion, who, in addition to Mayor Nir Barkat and other officials, will attend the ceremony marking its completion.

In recent years, Mahane Yehuda has become a hotspot for nightlife and entertainment, with many of the old shops being transformed into restaurants and bars. The upgrades are expected to hasten the gentrification of the market.

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