Light Rail’s Green Line Upsets Jerusalem Residents

Residents of the French Hill are protesting the planned path of the green line of Jerusalem’s light rail.  They allege that the municipality intends to replace a public neighborhood parking area on Etzel Street with a parking lot for light rail travelers increasing traffic and reducing parking for locals.

The green line, with a planned path of 19 Km, will connect Gilo in the south with French Hill in the north and service 160,000 customers a day. It will pass by Dov Yosef Street, Pat Junction, Herzog Street, The Bait Interchange, Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus, the area of the city center and its entrance, Shazar, Nordau, Sarei Yisrael, Bar Ilan, Harel Brigade, Zalman Shraga and Levi Eshkol. Work on the line is expected to begin this year and is expected to start running in 2023.  The line will cost 10 billion NIS including the train cars.

The municipality denied any intention to put a parking lot on the street.

(Header Photo By Mark Neyman Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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