Following Barrier Installation, King George Street Sidewalks Return to Pedestrians

After months of complaints by residents and businesses to the Jerusalem Municipality, the sidewalks on King George Street have been lined with bollards to prevent drivers from parking their vehicles on them.

Photo by Roi Elman

But the issue of blocked sidewalks is not unique to King George Street. A lack of parking plagues the city, commonly forcing drivers to mount the curb to the dismay and detriment of pedestrians. Because parking violators are rarely fined, the illegal behavior is passively encouraged.

Unless the municipality plans on placing barriers on every Jerusalem sidewalk, the problem is unlikely to go away any time soon. The number of automobile shipments is increasing faster than the number of parking spots in which to store them, causing the issue to reach epidemic proportions.

There is hope for the future, however. The city is heavily invested in public transportation projects like the cable car and light rail, and automated vehicles may some day make car ownership irrelevant. Initiatives like the car-sharing service car2go also help.

In the meantime, if you see a car illegally parked, you can notify the municipality by dialing 106.

(Header Photo by Moshe Milner, Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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  1. Car ownership will apparently never be irrelevant in Israel, as suggested in this article’s penultimate paragraph, because of the policy of closing down public transport during the weekend. This fact of life means that, unlike any other nation, Israel must find ways of coping with ever-increasing numbers of private cars.

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