Jerusalem Planning Committee Approves Tower at City Entrance

The Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee has approved the construction of the 36-story Migdal HaRakevet tower at the city entrance as part of the Jerusalem Gateway Project.

Designed by Pei, Cobb, Freed, and Partners, the building will be situated next door to the nearly-completed Yitzhak Navon Railway Station. It will connect below grade to the station and the planned underground parking lot on Shazar Street.

As the tower will be the first site many visitors to Jerusalem see, its design is meant to inspire the observer, deviating from the sharper angles seen throughout the neighborhood. The result is a sweeping edifice not dissimilar to the twisted style of the newly completed Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv.

The visage of the tower will loom above the circular opening of the transportation hub, commanding the gaze of commuters arriving from Tel Aviv via the high-speed rail.


The skyscraper will be used primarily for office space, but will also include public exhibition spaces, a lecture hall, and 1,500 square meters of retail space. It is expected to be one of the first buildings of the Jerusalem Gateway Project to be completed.

(Header Photo by PCF-P)


  1. ” deviating from the sharper angles seen throughout the neighborhood”

    Why does every new project have to try to grab your attention by being different from everything else around it. Too many things try to grab my attention already. Jerusalem is beautiful due to its traditional square+arched stone architecture. Trying to make it bit by bit into a Times Square of advertisements for each architect’s ego will only make the city worse.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with a building catching your attention because it is beautiful. With the coming of the highspeed train and increase of population Jerusalem faces a need for high rise buildings. Can you imagine the crudeness of a very tall ‘square and arched stone building’? It seems that this building will have movement and elegance that is impressive for a building of its height. The square and arched stone style of the city isn’t going anywhere. Rather, a conversation is being developed with it. Jerusalem is a city that is important because of its past, its present, and its future 🙂

  2. This project in particular appears to be very sensitive to its surroundings. The scale of the building’s base is pedestrian friendly and relates well to the buildings around it. The tower is elegant and ephemeral– not loud. We are looking at Jerusalem’s next landmark. Fantastic work!

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