Israeli Government Approves Funding for the Jerusalem Cable Car

The Jerusalem cable car project was granted 200 million shekels in funding by the Tourism and Finance Ministries today, in honor of the fifty-first Jerusalem Day.

Promoted with the promise of reducing private and public transportation into the Old City, along with the pollution that comes with it, the cable car is seen as an ideal solution for the ever-increasing number of cars on the streets of Jerusalem. It also represents a milestone in the advancement of tourism in Jerusalem and the strengthening of its economy.

The cable car will go through four stations: the First Train Station/Emek Refaim, Dung GateMount of Olives, and Gethsemane. Each station will be separated by about 1.6 kilometers, or a four-minute ride. When implemented, the system will be capable of transporting 6,000 passengers per hour.

The French company CNA, which specializes in cable cars and lifts for ski resorts, has been hired to work on the system. It is expected to begin operating in 2021.

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