Israeli Security Services Foil Terrorist Plot to Assassinate Nir Barkat

Syrian terrorist operatives planned to assassinate Mayor Nir Barkat. Israeli security services including the Shin Bet were able to foil the attack before it could occur.  A number of terrorists were arrested.

The planned attack would have also targeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a message he sent to Kol Hair, Barkat thanked the Shin Bet for their actions. “Our Shin Bet is one of the best in the world. I was updated while the threat was handled and I knew that while the Shin Bet and the police were in the field, I could rely on them and sleep quietly and confidently. Throughout this period, I insisted on not changing anything on my agenda because we must not let terror dictate our agenda. Anyone who thinks that they can change reality with terror will know that made a big mistake. Not just that they won’t succeed, but that they will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law. We, on the other hand, will continue to build and develop Jerusalem and Israel. Nothing will deter us.”

(Header Photo By Amos Ben Gershom Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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