Hitorerut Advertises in Multiple Oleh Languages Ahead of October Election

JERUSALEM – May 3, 2018 – As the October municipal elections approach, the streets of Jerusalem are filling up with campaign advertisements.

One party, Hitorerut in Jerusalem, is directly target Olim in their mother-tongue. Signs in English, French and Russian were posted around the city on Thursday.

Ofer Bekovitch, the head of the party and candidate for Mayor, said: “This is more than a political move for us. We believe that Olim are an integral part of Jerusalem’s rich and diverse culture. I myself am married to an Olah and understand why it is important to make Olim feel at home. Communicating in their mother tongue is a small step to help them feel at home.”

Dan Illouz, the newly elected city council member who himself is an Oleh said: “I am proud to be a part of a party that understands the importance of Olim and works hard to make them feel part of the city life. Olim in Jerusalem are no less Jerusalemites than native Israelis, and we believe they are important to the city’s success.”

According to Israel’s bureau of statistics, over 33,000 people have made Aliyah to Jerusalem in the past 10 years, making Jerusalem the city with the most Olim in all of Israel. This makes Olim an important voting block ahead of this year’s election.

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