Ghostbusters – Hundreds of fans indulge in adventure and nostalgia

Hundreds of fans of the eighties “Ghostbusters” surrendered to the adventure, nostalgia and winks of the third film in the saga, which was screened “by surprise” in the New York Comic-Con room, after a panel in which its director, Jason Reitman, and several of the main actors intervened.

“I loved the nostalgia, but also that it is completely fresh and new (…) It works, it is what I liked, that it works, it is absolutely fantastic,” Damien, who attended the screening in his costume as a Ghostbusters as well as two dozen other ardent enthusiasts.

And six of them asked after the end of “Ghostbuster: Afterlife”, which will be released commercially in theaters on November 11, agreed with Damien.

The Sony film, which was screened on Friday night under great secrecy and whose criticisms were embargoed until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, New York time (7:00 p.m. GMT), premiered last August at the CinemaCon festival in Las Vegas, but without any detail being revealed.

Before its viewing in the New York edition of the most pop show, it was already sensed that something was brewing. There were ghostbusters waiting in the courtyard, pacing the showrooms, up and down stairs, and gathering with all of their teams to hunt down their latest trophy, the movie.

An excited Asia Rose, disguised as “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man”, the white giant made of cloud candy that appears in the first film, confesses that she has “a special connection to” Ghostbusters “(Ghostbusters), and explains:” To me brother and I loved it “.

“But he died, so it has been really amazing to be able to see a movie like this in a place like this, with an audience like this and having the same reactions that I would have had if I had seen it with him, because I have loved every minute of it. the tape, “he added.


The enthusiasm and passion of those present in an almost full room with capacity for three thousand people was complete throughout the projection and it was noticeable with each wink, with each memory or with each actor from the other sagas that appeared on the screen.

“I felt that emotion, being in a room with so many people who feel the film the same as you,” RubĂ©n Alonso assures Efe that the signatures of actors Ernie Hudson and Dan Aykroyd are imprinted on his proton weapon.

Before the screening, the director of the film, along with Ivan Reitman, Jason’s father, producer of the third feature film and director of the legendary Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1986), spoke with the main actresses and actors such as Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard, Carrie Coon, Logan Kim and Celeste O’Connor, on their relationship with the title.

“All my life I had been asked if I would make a ghostbuster movie and I made an incorrect and selfish assumption that people wanted to see my movie, when the reality is that we all want to see another ghostbuster movie, go back inside in (the car) Ecto-1 and take up the proton weapon again, “said the director.

And in the opinion of the most fanatical among his followers, not only has she not failed, but they have managed to make the wait of more than a year to see her due to delays linked to the pandemic has been worth it.


In his speech, Reitman also thanked Sony for its commitment to cinemas and defended projection rooms.

“Yes, we want to make a movie to be enjoyed with a large audience, with popcorn, on a big screen, with incredible sound. Live it as we lived the movie in 1984,” he said before assuring that he would like other directors they will launch their own versions.

“I want to see Ghostbusters movies from all my favorite directors, and we hope this movie sets the table for them,” he added before the audience broke into applause.

Disguised as the Keeper of the Key, another of the mythical characters of the saga, Omar also praises the new installment and says that he is looking forward to taking his children to see it.

“The film is excellent, for this dedication to the old actors, as it was in the 80s. It is simply a phenomenal work of Jason Reitman and I look forward to the next movie, if there is another,” he declares.

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