Party of French Olim to Run in 2018 Mayoral Election

A party of French Olim led by Haim Messika and Binyamin Lachkar will run in the upcoming Jerusalem elections. Messika is Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s adviser on issues of aliyah and absorption while Lachkar is associated with the Likud.

In a conversation with Yediot Yerushalayim, Messika said that he feels that French Olim are ignored by the city. He hopes that the local movement will spearhead a national movement in favor of French Olim.

Messika also expressed his disagreement with the perception that empty apartments marketed to wealthy French nationals are ruining the housing market. According to him, the empty apartments are not significant in number and the only way to lower prices is to increase building.

Despite Messika and Lachkar’s shared passion for French Olim, they disagree on issues of religion and city with Messika arguing against the opening of stores on Shabbat while the Likudnik Lachkar argued in favor of stores being allowed to stay open in secular neighborhoods.

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