Election 2018: Senior Official Arrested on Corruption Charges

This morning, Yediot Aharonot reported that a senior municipal official and a contractor were arrested on suspicions of fraud and breach of trust. According to the article, the official was in charge of an important committee and intended to “compete for a central position”. The official is suspected of receiving benefits in exchange for promoting specific projects.

Soon after the article was published, reporter Michael Shemesh tweeted that a previous investigation that involved  mayoral candidate Meir Turjeman had “born fruit” today. Turjeman holds the Planning and Building Portfolio.

We will continue updating the story as more comes out.

Update:  A number of high ranking officials are commenting that they are not surprised by the development while all making sure to avoid saying any names. Meretz Councilwomen called on the police to continue looking into the process of how building plans are authorized.

Update: Police burst into the official’s office with a warrant in the early morning. Officer workers were surprised.

(Header Photo is Illustrative)

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