Effigies of Ultra-Orthodox Soldiers Removed by Police on Purim

Police found three effigies of soldiers hanging in two different ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods on Friday during the holiday of Purim. The effigies were hung in Mea Shearim and Ramat Eshkol. Passersby called the police to remove the dolls, one of which was soaked with flammable material.

A video posted by the police showed them removing one of the dolls that was hung on the roof of the apartment building. The dolls were designed to look like ultra-Orthodox soldiers or, as they are known to their antagonists in the area, “Hardakim” (meaning a foolish ultra-Orthodox man).

Ultra-Orthodox residents of Mea Shearim also lit effigies on fire last Purim and Lag Ba’Omer. Attacks on soldiers in the area have been occurring for years and are seemingly unrelated to attempts to pass legislation to enlist ultra-Orthodox soldiers into the army.

(Photo: The Israeli Police)

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