Oleh Dan Illouz Sworn in to Jerusalem City Council

The Jerusalem city council welcomed its newest member Dan Illouz at his swearing in on Thursday, April 26th. Illouz was elected to replace Yoav Yeivin by members of the Hitorerut party after Yeivin left the council to pursue business interests.

Illouz, who speaks fluent French, English, and Hebrew made aliyah in 2009 after growing up in Montreal. He holds a law degree from McGill University and an MA in public policy from the Hebrew University, has written two books regarding Zionism, is the VP of partnerships at Jgive.com and is the CEO of Di Consulting, a firm specializing in project management and government relations.

When reached for comment, Illouz said “I am both humbled and proud to be a city council member of Jerusalem, the great city that was once nothing more than a distant dream and that I now call home. My election to the city council proves that Hitorerut understands that Olim are an integral part of the city and have a lot to contribute to Jerusalem.” Illouz said that Olim will be one of his highest priorities in office.

(Pictured: Illouz, center, with his colleagues in Hitorerut.)

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