re:Jerusalem Cultural Guide for April 10-14 (Yom HaShoah)

Passover is over and spring is officially here. Jerusalem is full of opportunities to celebrate these matza-free, sun-filled days, and the glorious spring nights. Here are some of our recommendations:

Tuesday, April 10

Ethical Questions Almost Nobody’s Asking at Beer Bazaar, 7:30 pm:

Join Hebrew University philosophy and law professor to discuss the ethics of our modern age, in a special “Think and Drink” event.

E Syndrome at the Israel Museum, 9 pm:

This performance – part concert, part theater -portrays the trial of Adolf Eichman, based on primary source materials.

Nir and Gali at Bezalel (Mt. Scopus -Sweig Building, Floor 5), 1 pm:

The infamous cartoon cat duo Nir and Gali became famous for their cameos on Israeli satire program Eretz Nehederet. This event provides an opportunity to hear from their creators and to gain insight into the animation process.

Wednesday, April 11

Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day starts on Wednesday evening, and continues throughout the day on Thursday. Most cultural institutions do not have performances that night. Below are some Holocaust Remembrance Day events taking place on Wednesday evening.

Survivor Testimony at Gola Cultural Terminal at First Station, 9 pm:

This event invites Holocaust survivor Yisrael George Kleinman, who escaped death six times during the Holocaust, to tell his personal story. The event is open to the public free of charge.

Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony at the Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Students’ Village, 7 pm:

This ceremony, under the auspices of Beit Hillel, invites singer-artist Sivan Talmor for a special event focused on “The Children of the Holocaust and the Righteous Acts of the Nations of the World”.

Remembering in the Living Room at Diskin 1, 8:30 pm:

As part of the “Remembering in the Living Room” series, an apartment in the Rechavia neighborhood is literally opening up its living room to the public, inviting them to hear Holocaust testimony, followed by a sing-a-long performance of Holocaust songs.

Holocaust Memorial Day Songs at the Hartman Institute, 9 pm:

This event invites audience members to come together to sing songs related to the Holocaust, as well as the Jewish Resistance against the Nazis, both of which are commemorated in Yom HaShoah. The event is preceded by a general conference on the Holocaust and Holocaust education, which will start at 6:30 pm. All events are open to the public free of charge.

The Nazi Animal in the Basement at Holzer Books, 8 pm:

The event does not refer to any evil creatures that may be lurking at Holzer’s bookstore, but rather, to the relationship between the Holocaust and Israeli literature, which will be explored in this fascinating lecture by contemporary Israeli authors.

Thursday, April 12

Zelda’s “Hilula” at Beit Alliance, 8 pm:

This yahrtzeit ceremony for one of Israel’s most beloved poets, organized by the “Road 1” literary journal, invites audience members to listen to some of her most famous pieces, as well as to bring creative works of their own.

Zelda Memorial Evening at the Hartman Center, 8:30 pm:

That’s right – Zelda’s so popular that she has two events in Jerusalem on her yahrtzeit! This event, organized by Mashiv Haruach poetry journal, invites everyone to bring their favorite Zelda poem for a group reading.

Leonard Cohen Memorial Concert at the Yellow Submarine, 10 pm:

Leonard Cohen’s soul might have gone to the Lord of Song, but his music is still alive and with us, with a special tribute concert that will include English and Hebrew versions of his song, as well as theatrical pieces exploring his life, poetry, and philosophy.

Friday, April 13

Barkai Social Beit Midrash at Ginot Hair, 10 am:

This week’s series will feature a lecture on public medicine by Professor Yonatan Levi of Shaarey Zedek hospital, followed by conversation circles about the same topic.

Saturday, April 14

Shabati at Ginot Hair, 4 pm:

This series of Shabbat afternoon events, open to the public free of charge, brings actor Ofer Yerushalmi to talk about the role of gratitude in acting, and actress/activist Avia Brosh to speak about women and Hebrew culture, as part of the Beit Midrash Ein Prat’s “10 Days of Gratitude” project, which encourages Israeli society to use the ten days between Holocaust Remembrance Day and Israeli Memorial Day to engage in a combination of gratitude and introspection.

Rendering Borders at Artcube Artists’ Studios, 8 pm:

This unique event invites Iranian artists Moreshin Allahyari to “visit” Israel by reproducing her body in a 3D printer and sending it to Israeli artist Lior Zalmanson. Different audience members are invited to become “agents” in charge of documenting parts of the 3D body print-out. The evening will culminate in a special ceremony assembling all of the 3D-printed body parts.

(Header Photo by Moshe Milner Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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