Municipality to Fight Controversial Memorial Day Event

Mayor Nir Barkat submitted a request to prevent a meeting at the Barbur Gallery. The meeting would provide participants with information about a joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day event in Tel Aviv.

The Jerusalem meeting will include talks from an Israeli who lost her father in a terror attack and a Palestinian who lost his uncle in an Israeli prison as a result of torture. The Palestinian speaker once spent time in Israeli jail for rock throwing.

The municipality specifically objected to equivocation between those who died serving in the IDF and Palestinian terrorists. The Barbur Gallery building belongs to the municipality.

Last year, the activities of the Gallery were brought into the spotlight when it hosted a Breaking the Silence event. Despite municipal attempts to close the Gallery, the event continued as planned.

UPDATE: The municipality lost its case and the event will go on as planned. Meanwhile, Mayor Nir Barkat and Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev have announced that they will work together to close the Gallery.

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