Blue Line to Tunnel Under Mea Shearim

The central crossroads at the corner of Jaffa and King George will be undergoing major changes with the building of the new Jerusalem light rail blue line. Further up on Strauss at the site of Bikur Holim, the municipality will begin building a tunnel that will stretch for more than 2 kilometers under Mea Shearim to Yechezkel Street. To that end, the junction needs to be widened in order to accommodate the tunnel and its three underground stops.

As a consequence of the construction, the Municipality has exercised its right to expropriate private land in the area. Previously, Kikar Safra expropriated 100 pieces of property including many businesses while building the red line. Some of the land being turned private includes the longstanding Kolbo-Tech Adika.

The blue line will run for 23 kilometers starting in Ramot and finish in Gilo. In between it will cross Har Hotzvim, Shmuel HaNavi, Mea Shearim, Strauss, City Center, King George, Keren HaYesod, Liberty Bell Park, the Khan Theater, Derech Hebron and then on to Gilo.

Construction of the blue line has not been without controversy as a segment planned to operate on Emek Refaim Street is angering some local residents.

(Header Photo By Moshe Milner Copyright © 2018 National Photo Collection)

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