Bicyclists to Protest Tickets by Riding on Jaffa Street Sidewalk

Bicycles for Jerusalem is organizing a protest tomorrow, May 25th, against a rash of tickets that have been distributed recently. The protesters will ride down the Jaffa Street sidewalk on bike starting from Mahane Yehuda and finishing at the municipality.

Sixty four tickets were given to bike riders during the recent Road Safety Week. The tickets were given to careless riders caught on the tracks of the light rail. According to police, the riders presented a danger to themselves and to others. The protest organizers claim that due to the large amounts of foot traffic on Jaffa Street, forcing bicyclists to ride on the sidewalk would place pedestrians in danger. It would also make it more difficult to use a bike to traverse the city. They hope that the protest will demonstrate how difficult it is for bikers and pedestrians to share the sidewalk.

Legally, bicyclists are forbidden from driving on train tracks. However the organizers hope that the light rail tracks will be designated as a public transportation lane thereby making them accessible for bike use.

The municipality, which does not control the local police, announced that it opposes the tickets that were given to the riders.

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  1. I suggest riders should be allowed to ride provided electric is switched off

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