Bank of Israel Building to Receive Missile Protection Upgrade

The Bank of Israel building in Kiryat HaLeom will have missile protection added to the renovation it is currently undergoing. This according to a report by Yediot Yerushalayim.

General renovations to Israel’s central bank began three years ago causing the bank to temporarily move to Har Hotzvim. The original renovations were supposed to cost 260 million NIS, however, the added reinforced structure will cost around another 150 million NIS.

Officials have been increasingly concerned that longer-range missiles in the hands of organizations such as Hezbollah could be aimed at Jerusalem. Air raid sirens did go off in the city during the 2014 conflict, though no rockets caused any damage.

As the central bank, the Bank of Israel is a major player in Israel’s economy. One of its roles is to maintain a reasonable exchange rate and manage the country’s store of foreign currency reserves.  It’s continued operation during a conflict is crucial to the functioning of the Israeli economy.

(Header Photo by Avishai Teicher)

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