re:Jerusalem is dedicated to providing readers with local Jerusalem news in English.

Many of you may have read that sentence and thought, “Well surely there must be a myriad of websites and blogs that do this very same thing! What’s unique about your site?” In fact, we were surprised to discover that there is no site on the entire world wide web that provides any type of local content equivalent to that found in Hebrew.

How could this be? How is it that one of the most important cities in world history has no media outlet in English?

We simply don’t know. However, we decided that this was a problem that needed to be addressed for a number of reasons.

First, there is a large English-speaking population in Jerusalem that is disconnected from news critical to their wellbeing as people and citizens. While major national or global interest stories get coverage, minor, but locally important stories only appear in English long after they occur if at all.

Second, it is clear how much Jerusalem still captures the world’s imagination even as the image of Jerusalem that is transmitted globally is one of conflict without context. We hope to provide crucial background for these stories.