Study: 73% of Jerusalem Sidewalks Deemed Unfit for Pedestrians

According to data compiled by Or Yarok, a lobbyist group committed to improving road safety in Israel, 73% of sidewalks in Jerusalem are considered unfit for pedestrians.

In compiling the data, any footpath that was blocked by obstacles like parked cars or light poles, or which did not meet the minimum planning criteria for width (130 cm), was defined as inaccessible.

The findings are unlikely to come as a surprise to the Jerusalem Municipality, which often fields calls from frustrated residents forced to navigate around impassable sidewalks. Last month the issue was addressed head-on when bollards were placed along King George Street.

Although the improvement of one road is not enough to call a trend, there is reason to be optimistic. Earlier this month the Municipal Finance Committee approved of the allocation of millions of shekels toward improving sidewalk accessibility.

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