Jerusalem Planning Committee Approves 600 New High-Rise Apartment Units

The District Planning and Building Committee approved two new major “demolish and build” (Pinui Binui) projects in Kiryat Hayovel and Katamonim. The Katamonim project will be built on Jose San Martin Street 3 where a building of 30 residences currently sits. The Kiryat Hayovel project will be built in a lot between Arie Kelner and Immanuel Olsvenger Streets, where two apartment buildings of 116 residences sit.

The Katamonim project will consist of two buildings, each 13 stories high. Space will be allotted for a kindergarten, a public area, and an area for businesses. The new buildings will provide 104 new apartments.

The Kiryat Hayovel project will be made up of five buildings, almost 500 residences and public and commercial spaces. The buildings will range from 16-18 stories.

While the high-rises are welcome news for many who want to see the cost of living go down through an increase in supply, others criticize the building strategy. High-rises tend to be expensive to maintain and damage site lines around the city. Some suggest that they even increase rates of disease and mental stress.

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