4M Shekels Added to Jerusalem Accessibility Budget

On Monday, the Jerusalem Municipal Finance Committee approved of the addition of four million shekels to the city’s accessibility budget. The decision comes as an about-face from the one made in April to decrease the budget by one million shekels. A total of seven million shekels has been allocated to the cause.

Jerusalem pedestrians have long battled with cars and other impediments for their share of sidewalk space. Additionally, many of the city’s sidewalks are inaccessible due to their lack of adequate ramps, curb cuts, or because of their narrow design. Now, it seems that the municipality is finally listening to those who prefer not to travel in a vehicle.

According to the Finance Committee statement on the decision, “the budget is intended for the construction and upgrading of public passages throughout the city, including the accessibility of sidewalks, the repair of insufficient sidewalks, railings, retaining walls, lighting, and more.”

The four million shekels will be funded via three million shekels from the municipal credit line and one million shekels from the municipal betterment levy.

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