Find deals and compare prices with TudoCelular | Black Friday 2020 Guide

Black Friday is almost here, do you already have your wishlist ready? Knowing what to look for will make you spend money more consciously and take advantage of the best deals because you will be focused.

At TudoCelular, we have several tools that will help you make the best buys and find the best prices. Doubt? Come with me and I’ll show you everything in this guide.

Special offers Nov 18

Special offers 19 Nov

Black Friday takes place on November 27, and here in Brazil it is mostly a discounted event on all types of products. Significant discounts, which can exceed 50%. The Monday after Black Friday is Cyber ​​Monday, with more discounts and offers. Soon after, as you already know, Christmas arrives.

In order to go through it all without going beyond the account and enjoying real discounts, stepping away from the terrible black fraud, you have to do a lot of research. But how do you find those real discounts in the sea of ​​emails, links, and pop-ups that drown you that day and weeks before? TudoCelular can help you too.

First of all, it is good to choose what you want well, to focus and to choose the best option for you. If you’re already following our review you’re halfway there, you know a lot, but there is more cool content we have on offer.

Updated and diverse guides

We often post buying guides here on the website and on our YouTube channel. For those who want cell phones, we’ve updated guides for the best smartphones up to R $ 800, R $ 1,200, R $ 1,700, R $ 2,200 and more. For all pockets, there are guides with at least 10 options explaining why each one is a good choice.

For those looking for a cell phone by theme, not price, we have guides to better smartphones for photography, for gaming, with better performance, with more battery, better in selfies, with resistance to water. All of the most important categories you can think of, including by brand. There are even guides imported by price range!

If you are looking for other tech related products, you have a guide for them too! We have guides with the best OLED TVs, the best QLED TVs, LCD TVs, gamer accessories, soundbars, video cards, smart watches, smart bands, tablets, portable consoles, monitors, headphones, laptops, televisions, cameras, drones, power bank, a lot.

Browse our guides by clicking here.

Best prices and graphics

But what about the best mobile phone prices? So TudoCelular has one of the coolest tools you can find out there. Our price comparison is very comprehensive, would you like to see how it works?

You go into search and type in the name of the cell phone you want to buy. Take the Galaxy S10 +, for example, which can be a good buy this Black Friday. Here you have the complete device page, with technical data and everything. In this menu you can access our detailed analysis, compare the device with others and can be found in the Price tab.

The prices of the most reliable stores will appear, in order. If you choose the cheapest to the most expensive, the savings can exceed R $ 2,800. Pass this tool on to your friends and family so that no one pays such a high price.

And scrolling to the end of the list, you see our graph. Yes, because in addition to choosing the lowest price, it is also necessary to know if this lowest price is at a good level. In recent months, a lot has gone up because of the dollar, so even at the best price, is it still the lowest?

The graph shows over the months how much you’ve downloaded or upgraded the device, so you decide if it’s worth it. And if you touch the button, you go straight to the site, without suspicious links. All this while always choosing the lowest prices.

Discount group

And there is more, yes! We also have a great channel on Telegram. There you don’t need to interact, just grab and check the offers that come in every day. All offers have a photo and description of the product according to our analysis, showing the old price. In this group, you only receive the best prices.

To access our Telegram channel, click here.

Lives Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

And to top it all! Our traditional Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are alive. You won’t need to watch a live on YouTube with us talking nonstop.

Just follow our live on the site, and in real time we will update the article with the best discounts our editorial staff can find. Much more practical and faster, the links appear on the spot. On the 27th, then the 30th, just go to and follow.

And that’s all. By using the tools we put at your disposal, there is no doubt about when to make a good purchase. Now tell us: what are you looking for in this Black Friday? I will stay here and until next time!

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