This simple kiss on a Netflix series sparked a huge scandal in India

This simple kiss on a Netflix series sparked a huge scandal in India

There is even a call on social media to boycott the platform in the country. The government has asked authorities to investigate.

“A suitable boy” is the subject of controversy.

It was just a kiss between two characters, in a beautiful setting, in India. But just one scene from a Netflix series set the stage for a nightmare on this country’s streaming platform. The ruling party has already asked the authorities to open an investigation.

It is Sérgio Godinho who sings in “Dancemos no Mundo”: “The strings separate us, we separate beliefs / and I believe that fears and I believe that the laws / stick the papers to our skin”. In India, where the tensions between the Hindu majority and the Muslim minority, this separation in the society is more and more difficult. And prone to problems.

Reuters reports that the Indian series “A Suitable Boy” includes a simple scene of a kiss between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy, with a Hindu temple in the background.

The scene ended up causing a scandal in part of the society. The youth of the BJP party, the ruling party, accused of discriminatory laws against the Muslim community, have already lodged a complaint.

Narottam Mishra, Minister of the Interior for the Madhya Pradesh region of India, where the scene was recorded, also called for a police investigation. “These are extremely obscene scenes that offend the feelings of a particular region.” The call to boycott Netflix has also started to circulate on social networks.

“An Appropriate Boy” is based on a work of the same name by Vikram Seth, one of India’s best-known writers, and directed by Mira Nair, a director already featured in Bollywood. The series is the result of an Indian and British partnership and is supported by the BBC. The first season has a total of six episodes and is not available in Portugal.

The Indian producers and the director could now be the subject of a criminal investigation in a country where several voices have been raised against the reduction of freedom of expression.

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