Coronavrus: pandemic expected to cause Disney Plus to release more movies slated for theaters

The novel coronavirus pandemic has closed cinemas around the world. 2020 is practically a lost year for this industry, because even in countries where reopening of rooms has already been allowed, it is difficult to make a long tour with a safe round trip. And hey, no studio wants to take a loss.

That’s why Disney launched the live-action Mulan direct to Disney Plus as a pay-per-view movie, that is, at a price outside of the subscription to the service. The company has bet that renting the unprecedented item would make up for the losses caused by the shutdown of theaters.

According to the Deadline portal, the giant behind Mickey Mouse would be ready to repeat the strategy: given the concern over a second wave of Covid-19 which is already causing new lockdowns around the world, Disney will be able to place its next three actions live on streaming platform.

The films in question would be Peter Pan & Wendy, Cruella and Pinocchio. All of them were slated for theaters, but are expected to, at some point in 2021, have Disney Plus as their launch window, like pay-per-view movies yet again. If the world situation permits, they will be able to take a few rooms simultaneously, thus giving consumers options.

For better or worse, strategy ends up driving the spread of Disney Plus. The availability of feature films on the platform would ultimately help strengthen the service’s catalog of original works.

Remember that Disney Plus arrived in Brazil this week, with some limitations such as a lighter catalog compared to North America, or even the collection from other parts of Latin America.

Partnerships with other companies allow interested parties to find the subscription at a lower price.

And you, what do you think of the possible release of more corporate films directly via streaming? Tell us in the comments!

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