Trump continues to fight election results |

Washington (AP) – Outgoing US President Donald Trump has suffered further defeats in his fight against election results.

Two courts have dismissed the lawsuits brought by him and his Republican allies. Even his fellow Michigan State party members fired him. Trump is now hoping for the Washington Supreme Court and another recount of the votes in the state of Georgia.

In the US state of Pennsylvania, Trump may have wanted to invalidate millions of postal votes. He also wanted to stop the certification of final results. Both were dismissed in federal court on Saturday on drastic grounds: Trump’s lawyers had presented only “legal arguments deemed to be worthless and speculative allegations” without evidence, Judge Matthew Brann wrote in the reasons for his judgment. decision.

The arguments presented by Trump’s lawyers would not even have been enough to invalidate the “one-voter” vote, the judge wrote. “Our people, our laws and our institutions demand more.”

A Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, said the president has now exhausted all “plausible” legal actions to challenge the result. Looking at other legal defeats, it is now clear that his Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the election. Toomey has joined a handful of Republican senators who have already admitted defeat to Trump.

Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, however, said dismissing the Pennsylvania lawsuit would allow them to go to the Washington Supreme Court more quickly. Of the nine judges present, six are considered Conservatives, three of whom were appointed by Trump. However, experts consider it highly unlikely that Trump’s lawyers can succeed with their high-profile and barely substantiated lawsuits.

In Pennsylvania, Biden won by a good margin over Trump and thus secured the state’s 20 voters. U.S. media now assigns 306 voters to Biden, far more than the majority of the 270 votes needed to win. Trump still refuses to admit defeat, claiming there was massive voter fraud in the November 3 election. However, since he has not provided any conclusive evidence, judges have already rejected several of his claims. According to the CNN news channel, Trump and the Republicans have lost about 30 lawsuits.

In the state of Georgia, Trump called for another recount of the votes on Saturday, as his campaign team announced. He was able to do this because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage point. Trump’s lawyers have said they want an “honest vote count,” which included signature comparisons and other important guarantees. Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday: “We will find a massive number of false votes.”

Georgia had already verified the ballots itself. Then, Biden’s lead over Trump rose from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes. Responsible Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp certified the results on Friday. Biden won the votes of the state’s 16 electorates.

Judge Steven Grimberg in Georgia on Friday dismissed the trial of a conservative lawyer seeking to stop legalizing election results. The court also dismissed an attack by the plaintiff against postal votes. Granting the injunction requested by the plaintiff “would create confusion, undermine public confidence in the election and potentially expel over a million Georgian voters,” he said.

Trump was also unlucky with another strategy: Republican MPs and Michigan state senators invited by him to the White House spoke out against attempts to alter election results with legal tricks after the meeting. Republicans said on Friday they did not yet have any information that could change the election result – Biden had won by a clear margin in Michigan. They would therefore “follow the law and normal procedure” for the nomination of the electorate, said Senate and House of Representatives majority leaders from Pennsylvania, Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield. “And the candidates who win the most votes win the election and the votes of the electorate.”

The unusual meeting with Republicans that Trump had planned had fueled fears that he would urge them to change the outcome of the normally more formal stages of notarization. However, US media quoted lawyers who pointed out that such a decision could never have gone to court, even with the consent of local Republicans.

Biden is due to be sworn in as the new president on Jan.20.

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