No Exit! Amazon patent says company can effectively track piracy

It is not uncommon that as soon as streaming platforms receive new content, it ends up on pirate platforms. And we’re not talking about old movies and series that are already widely available, but the original content they release on a differential.

Of course, these companies don’t like it, and Amazon is quietly taking another step to end this type of practice. A patent from the e-commerce giant says it will implement tracking technology that will let it know which account in its service was responsible for sharing a pirated movie or series, even if it didn’t. there is no visual identification of it in the hardware.

The technology proposed in the patent indicates that Amazon can do this both with a visual trademark, briefly showing that the content in question was generated for that user’s specific account, with their username, but also in a manner. much more discreet, without any alert. visual. Even if the hacker uses a camera to film the series or movie, the sensors would unintentionally record information that would be made available in the video’s metadata. This file which contains information about how a photo or video has been processed.

From this information, Amazon would be able to retrieve a user’s unique identifier from its services and quickly disable that user’s access to Prime Video.

The company’s technology could even be used to track live streams shared on alternative platforms. Simply put, society may soon have a powerful tool to bring down lives like YouTube today.

In fact, it is not known whether Amazon has already implemented this novelty suggested by the patent or not.

Remember, this week the company launched its first podcasts for Amazon Music in Brazil and Mexico. In addition, the company has started making a new Echo in PRODUCT (RED) available on a limited basis, with sales earning a percentage to fight AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

And you, what do you think of this possible Amazon technology? Tell us in the comments!

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