Danger! Twitter fleets have an issue that allows you to fetch content after expiration

Every social network these days has its function of stories, after all, creativity is low among professionals in the creative fields of this platform. On Twitter, the name of this resource is Fleets, and for a long time it was only available in Brazil.

Over the past week, other markets have started receiving the resource, including the United States. Well, programmers and security analysts have noticed something very curious.

By making a few changes to the URL, the social network’s email address, it’s possible to have Twitter show someone’s fleets without triggering an indication that the post has been viewed. Typically, when a user views a fleet, the one who posted it sees that person in a display statistics area.

Well, I wish that was the only problem – they also found that the same URL change set allows a previously deleted fleet to be recovered. A user can delete any of these messages at any time or wait for it to expire after 24 hours. Even so, it appears that Twitter is not permanently removing this content, which can be very dangerous.

This type of problem had not yet been discovered when the new tool was only available in Brazil, but everything indicates that it has always existed, and was only hidden.

In response to The Verge, Twitter reported that it was already aware of the issue, but that it will not remove any fleets from its servers until they have completed 30 days from the date of initial publication. This is for legal reasons, especially content that involves content that violates the rules of the platform. However, the company has promised that after the first 24 hours of a post, users should no longer be able to view old stories, even through a direct URL.

Keep in mind that another new feature of the platform was the carousel format for advertisers. The ones that you can move to the side to view more cards with information about a product or service.

And you, are already using Twitter fleets or are stories from other social networks enough? Tell us in the comments!

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