Protest march against corona policy in Berlin |

In the German federal capital, protests are again launched against the corona policy of the federal government. There will also be a counter-demonstration. The police are on duty with a large number.

Berlin (dpa) – Once again, people from Berlin have taken to the streets to protest against Corona’s restrictions. At the same time, a counter-demonstration took place in the district of Prenzlauer Berg. About 600 police officers were on duty.

The protest march against Corona’s demands started at noon with a few hundred participants. About 5,000 have been registered; a police spokeswoman said there were far fewer.

According to her, the protesters who started in Prenzlauer Berg largely respected the mask requirement. Occasionally criminal charges have been drafted. The police spokeswoman said the certificates presented, which were supposed to waive the requirement to wear a mask, were believed to be unauthentic.

The protest by opponents of corona measures is known as the “silent march”. The route should end at Alexanderplatz.

On the road there were always loud people with pots and pans who wanted to disrupt the elevator. Sometimes there were cries of “Nazis out”. On the balconies there were banners with the inscription: “Think clearly instead of thinking outside the box. No room for crown deniers and the Nazis. “

Presumably on the part of groups of counter-protesters, there was a brief sit-in and sometimes small clashes with the police. According to initial estimates, around 200 to 300 people gathered on Schönhauser Allee who – most of them dressed in black – demonstrated against the “silent march”.

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