The G20 wants a fair distribution of corona vaccines |

Riyadh (dpa) – The group of major industrial nations (G20) wants “to spare no effort” to ensure equitable and affordable access to corona vaccines around the world.

This emerges from the latest draft final declaration of the G20 summit, which is at the disposal of the German press agency. Rich countries also want to do everything possible to revive a seriously ill global economy. The two-day virtual summit chaired by Saudi Arabia will end on Sunday afternoon.

US President Donald Trump is obviously keen to support the statement, although diplomats have said he again propagated his “America First” course on vaccinations during the G20 working session on Saturday. The only possible obstacle to adoption therefore lies in Turkey’s reservations. According to reports, the latter wanted to be classified as a less developed country in terms of climate protection in order to be entitled to financial support and less stringent emissions targets.


The G20 group fully supports efforts for equitable vaccine distribution – in particular the ACT Accelerator coordination platform and its Covax initiative. “We are determined to meet the remaining financial needs.” So at the end of 2021, six billion US dollars are missing. Regarding treatment, diagnostics and vaccines, he says: “We will spare no effort to ensure affordable and equitable access for all.”

Mondial economy

Containing the virus is essential for the recovery of the global economy. “We are determined to continue to use all available policy instruments (…) to protect people’s lives, jobs and incomes,” he continues. The aim is to “support the global economic recovery and strengthen the resilience of the financial system while avoiding downside risks”.


Poor countries have the prospect of further debt relief. Next year it will be checked whether the economic and financial situation requires a six-month extension of the agreed repayment deferral until June 2021. There is still a lack of participation of private lenders. The G20 calls on them to participate in the initiative on comparable conditions if the countries concerned so request.

World Health Organization

The G20 group fully supports the efforts of the United Nations to combat the virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) is particularly highlighted in the project. In contrast, US President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the WHO because, in his opinion, it had not done enough to fight the pandemic and had shown too much consideration for China. His successor Joe Biden wants to bring the country back to the WHO on the day he takes office.

Climate change

Despite Trump’s negative attitude towards efforts to combat global warming, the joint project counts climate change “among the most pressing challenges of our time.” But then it continues without the USA with “19 to 1”: the signatories of the Paris climate agreement, which Trump had left, separately affirm their support for its implementation. They “recall” the commitment of the “green climate fund” to adapting developing countries to the effects of the climate. For this, 100 billion US dollars had actually been pledged this year and each following year, but it has not yet been fulfilled.

Trade and investment

According to the newspaper, the G20 group is again expressly in favor of the “multilateral trading system”, which was lacking at the Osaka summit last year. “We strive to achieve the goal of a free, fair, just, non-discriminatory, transparent, predictable and stable environment for trade and investment and to keep markets open.” For the third consecutive year, there is no commitment against “protectionism” as in 2017 in Hamburg under the German presidency. Trump sees it as a criticism of his restrictive trade policy with punitive tariffs.

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