Corona-Leipzig-Demos: References and several infringements |

Once again, eipzig was the scene of opponents of the Corona policy and of protests against it. During the “lateral thinking” demonstration two weeks ago, the police came under criticism. How did it go this time?

Leipzig (dpa) – Federal police recorded several crimes after their use in protests in Leipzig.

These included physical injuries, insult and resistance to police action once, federal police said on Saturday evening. Over 600 referrals were made. Federal officials were therefore mainly located at the main station and surrounding stops and stations as well as on trains. This should ensure a peaceful and orderly arrival and departure of the meeting participants.

Leipzig police previously announced that there had been two arrests. In the city area, 18 criminal offenses were also found during the operation, according to the Leipzig police. These are bodily harm and breaches of the peace. Nine suspects have been identified. 44 reprimands were issued and 113 announcements were made for violations of the Saxon Crown Protection Ordinance. According to the police, after an attack on a journalist, an official complaint was filed against unknown persons. An officer was slightly injured.

Opponents of the corona policy gathered in Leipzig on Saturday – there were also larger counter-protests. Sometimes the situation was confused and there were several spontaneous unauthorized protests.

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